Holiday Love

Holiday Love

Will delving into the past kindle a forever love?

Kali Hoyt loves old things. Old books. Old dishes. Old cars. Old love stories. Hired as the director of the newly-formed preservation society for the town of Holiday, she can’t wait to begin digging into the history of a place she enjoyed visiting during her childhood summers. When her cousin introduces her to his best friend, Kali has no idea the grease-covered redneck will have such a monumental influence on her future.

Trace Coleman has spent his life being groomed to take over his family’s vast Lennox Enterprises empire. Astute at running the company, he much prefers to spend his days tinkering with the old steam engine that his great-great-grandfather worked on as a mechanic in the Holiday engine house. When he encounters the newly hired director for the preservation society he founded, he knows her presence in Holiday is going to change his life in ways he can’t begin to imagine.

Will two reluctant hearts succumb to the magic of the holidays? Find out in this sweet holiday romance filled with humor, heart, and love.

Holiday Love is the fourth book in the Holiday Express series, a collection of heartwarming, wholesome, holiday romances brimming with the spirit of the season.



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As suddenly as she started to fall, she was yanked backward. A steel band encircled her waist, nearly knocking the wits right out of her.

“You better pay more attention to what you’re doing, toots, instead of ogling the help,” a deep, teasing voice said near her ear. In fact, the man stood so close to her, she could smell the minty flavor of his gum mingling with a spicy, woodsy fragrance and a musky, manly scent that made her slightly woozy.

She spun around and glared at a person so handsome he might have been a cover model if his face hadn’t been a tad too long to be considered absolutely perfect.

But he was about as close to perfection as most humans would get with thick, wavy black hair, stunning blue eyes, a slender nose, square jaw, and a defined chin covered in black stubble. His lips—oh, mercy—those lips kept her gaze lingering on them, wondered what it would like to kiss until the man offered her a smirk.

“Like what you see?” he asked, stepping back from her and narrowing his gaze as he studied her.

“I’m not … I didn’t … I wasn’t …” Aware she sounded like a stammering ninny, she took a deep breath and tried to gather her discordant thoughts together. “Thank you. I wasn’t ogling the help. It’s the engine that held my interest.”

“Right,” he said, sounding dubious. “This building isn’t open to the public, toots. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to go.”

“But, I …”

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