She’s searching for peace and grace

He’s ready to step into his next big adventure

Haunted by memories of the fateful day that changed her life, Luna Campanelli seeks a fresh start in Pendleton, Oregon. Life in the wild western town is nothing like she imagined, although the rugged beauty of the area soothes her troubled spirit. An unlikely friendship with one of the area ranch hands lifts her hopes, until she discovers the cowboy isn’t who he’s led her to believe.

Hunter Douglas didn’t intend to hide his identity from the woman he met on the train, but when she assumed he was his sister’s hired hand, he didn’t correct her. He never anticipated forming such a deep connection to her, especially when thoughts of her continue to infiltrate his carefully made plans. As a recent college graduate with an inheritance he intends to use to start his own ranch in Pendleton, Hunter must decide if he is willing to open his heart and include Luna in his future.

Will they embrace the unexpected love that has blossomed between them, or let fear tear them apart?

This sweet and wholesome romance is a story of love, healing, and the power of hope in a delightful western setting. Join Luna and Hunter on their journey as they discover what it truly means to love unconditionally.

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Praise for Luna

“Hunter and Luna. Two people destined to have their lives intertwined by, some would say fate but I would say by divine intervention. Meeting on a train, Luna is trying to put a life altering event behind her which she has relived in her mind over and over either by dreams or loud noises. Today’s diagnosis would be PTSD which Shanna does a great job of incorporating it in Luna’s life but also how it affects others close to her. I loved how Hunter is so patient with Luna as she struggles to overcome her past and move on. This author always does an amazing job of researching the time period of her stories and they just come to life from the very first page. This story is about hope, laughter, struggles to overcome, love, and faith to guide them.”

Goodreads Reviewer

This story is worth every minute you will spend reading it and will more than likely re-read time after time.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“I love the historical facts that this author places in her stories. Sometimes in a historical book, I will stop and wonder if they had whatever the story referenced at that time in history. However, with this author’s books, I know that she has done her research, and I can trust that they are historically accurate.”

Goodreads Reviewer


Luna watched as a dust-covered cowboy leaped onto the platform. His long legs quickly covered the distance to the last passenger car, the one where Luna was seated, in a few long strides. The spurs on his boots jingled, while the leather chaps he wore made a slapping noise as he ran. She craned her neck, watching as he reached out with a gloved hand and caught the metal bar by the steps, easily swinging himself up before the train pulled away from the platform.

Her gaze shifted to the door as he stepped into her car and stood looking around, no doubt searching for a seat. He wore a dark gray shirt with a bright blue neckerchief loosely knotted around his neck. The scruff growing on his cheeks and chin accented his square jaw. Dark hair stuck out from beneath the flat-topped cowboy hat worn low on his head, shadowing much of his face.

When he pushed up the hat brim with his thumb, she saw the cowboy’s eyes were gray and full of what she could only think of as mischief. His gaze landed on her and then flicked to the empty seat beside her.

Surely, he wouldn’t dare to occupy the seat. It wasn’t at all proper, was it? As a single woman traveling alone, Luna had to be particularly careful about her behavior, especially around men.

As the cowboy took one then another spur-jingling step toward her, she raised up slightly, glancing around the crowded, full car. It appeared the only empty seat available was the one next to her, which the porter had kindly saved for her.

Luna returned to a seated position, back as straight as a broom handle, hands folded primly on her lap, her gaze fastened forward. She refused, positively refused, for anyone to think she was encouraging the attentions of the cowboy who wedged his broad-shouldered frame into the seat, bumping her arm in the process.

“Howdy, miss,” he said, smiling at her as he settled deeper into the space he now occupied.

Watching him from the corner of her eye like one might spy on a disaster in the making, Luna did her best to ignore how amiable and friendly he appeared.

“Good afternoon,” she said after a pause in which she tried to determine if it would be worse to speak with him or ignore him. She concluded being rude was far more serious on the scale of social blunders than allowing a strange man to sit beside her.

“Where are you heading?” the cowboy asked, tugging off his gloves and draping them on one thigh, then removing his hat and forking his hands through his thick hair. It was longer than she deemed acceptable, but the ends of it curled around his neck and ears in a most becoming fashion. He yanked the knot free in the neckerchief he wore and wiped it over his face, then brushed it over the top of his head which appeared damp with sweat before he held two corners of the cloth and spun the material around and around until it made almost a tube that he again looped around his neck.

He glanced over at her, found her staring at him, and grinned in a manner that made something flutter in Luna’s midsection. It reminded her of the time she’d rapidly consumed a soda at the drugstore down the street from her aunt and uncle’s grocery store, and the effervescence had threatened to climb back up her throat.

Her stomach felt full of bubbles, although she couldn’t think of a single reason for the sensation to plague her when she’d not had a soda for weeks. There was a weightlessness in her midsection, and she found the sensation disconcerting.

The feeling had to be a result of the man beside her. The cowboy was, admittedly, quite handsome, even if he was in need of a bath, haircut, and shave.

Finally recalling she’d failed to answer his question, she cleared her throat, surprised to discover it suddenly felt parched, and forced herself to speak. “Pendleton.”

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