Protecting the Princess

He wants to protect her.

   She needs him to love her . . .

 Parker Princeton is a man’s man. The kind who leads expeditions into the wilderness, can start a campfire with nothing but determination, and has survived on a steady diet of beef jerky and Dr Pepper. When he discovers a female in the woods, alone and injured, his first instinct is to protect her, the second to claim her as his own.  Although she can barely remember her name, he’s falling head over heels in love with the beautiful, mysterious woman.

Growing up as a pampered princess from a small European kingdom, all Poppy Granville wants is to experience a normal life. After finishing a year of studies in New York, Poppy decides to explore America before she returns home to face the responsibilities of her title. She ditches her cell phone, buys an old rust bucket car, and sets out on an adventure. After an injury leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere, a rugged outdoorsman seems to be her only hope of surviving, even if she has to pretend to have amnesia to keep her identity a secret.

Will telling him the truth set her free, or lose him forever?

Laughter, love, and a fairy tale ending await in this funny, sweet romance packed with small-town charm.





Praise for Protecting the Princess

“Parker and Poppy’s love story is a perfect addition to the Summer Creek series!”

Melinda Curtis

USA Today Bestselling Author

“Shanna Hatfield is pure magic on a page and she doesn’t disappoint with Protecting the Princess with her enchanting tale of castles, a storybook worthy princess, a brooding, sexy cowboy, and of course…a goat.”

Ciara Knight

USA Today Bestselling Author

“Another extraordinary romance filled with warmth, heart and a sprinkling of tears and laughter.”

Jo-Ann Roberts


“She’s been asleep forever, Uncle Parker.”

“Forever?” Parker whispered. “That an awfully long time.”

Poppy felt the bed dip on her right side, like Cricket sat on the edge of the mattress.

They were quiet for a few moments, then the weight on the bed lifted and she heard a muffled thud, like Cricket had hopped off the bed.

“I know! You should kiss the princess lady, just like in Sleeping Beauty. The handsome prince kisses the princess and it wakes her up from her sleeps. Kiss her, Uncle Parker. I won’t tell.”

“I’m not sure she’d like to wake up that way, Cricket.” Parker said from Poppy’s left side. She could envision him standing near the bed, checking to see if she was okay. He seemed like the kind of guy who would shelter and protect those he cared about. Did he care about her? The thought warmed her.

“You have to kiss her, Uncle Parker. You have to! It’s how the prince always wakes up the princess. Kiss her right on the lips. But don’t do it like Daddy kisses my mommy when they don’t know I’m watching. He looks like he’s trying to eat her face. Ew! I don’t think our princess would like that.”

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