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QR Code Killer

Murder.Mayhem.Suspense.Romance.Zeus is a crazed killer who uses QR Codes to taunt the cop hot on his trail.Mad Dog Weber, a tough-as-nails member of the Seattle police force, is willing to do whatever it takes to bring Zeus down. Despite her best intentions, Mad Dog falls in love with her dad’s hired hand, putting them both in danger.Erik Moore is running from his past and trying to avoid the future when he finds himself falling in love with his boss’ daughter. Unknowingly, he puts himself right in the path of the QR Code Killer as he struggles to keep Maddie safe.From the waterfront of Seattle to the rolling hills of wheat and vineyards of the Walla Walla Valley, suspense and romance fly around every twist and turn.

Praise for QR Code Killer

“Romance, heroes, heartache and sly detective work make for a great story and this book was a big winner in my list of books to read and recommend.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I loved this book! The suspense of trying to figure out who Zeus was combined with Maddie and Erik’s budding romance made it just the right amount of perfect! I highly recommend this book.”

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“The underlying love story was a given from the time Mad dog and farmer boy met,but man, I sure did not see the end coming even after mad dog figured it out. That is a true tribute to the authors ability to weave this tale. I particularly enjoyed the psychological twists and turns t presented.”

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“Okay,” Maddie let out her breath. She could outshoot just about anyone she wanted to with a handgun. She no more needed instruction on how to handle a gun than she needed step by step instructions on how to tie her shoes, but she was playing this for all she was worth. Being this close to Erik was just too tempting. And wonderful. And it felt so right to be in his arms. So much for her tough cop, need-no-man reputation. It was about to go up in smoke. “Am I doing it right?”

When she raised her baby blues to Erik, he thought his knees might buckle. He wanted so badly to kiss her, he could barely focus on anything but her lips and how soft and inviting they looked.

“You’re doing everything just right,” he said, his voice growing husky and low. Inhaling a steadying breath, he tried to focus on her shooting. “When you’re ready, pull the trigger.”

Maddie purposely missed the target she was supposed to be aiming at by several feet.

“Oh, that one didn’t go very well,” she said, trying to pout. She wasn’t good at this girlie stuff, but to keep Erik close, she was willing to try anything. “Maybe you can help me try again.”


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