winter wedding

Remembering Christmas

Romance swirls like December snowflakes

in this sweet holiday romance.

Trevor King runs King Penny Ranch like a well-oiled machine while attempting to keep his spritely octogenarian aunt out of trouble. His personal life is filled with evasive tactics worthy of a military mission in order to avoid the matchmaking efforts of meddling friends. Until Trevor experiences a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger that leaves him reeling. Almost two years pass before they unexpectedly meet again. He feels blindsided by an emotional avalanche . . . and her name is Mykah.

Mykah Wagner has spent years building her career with Creekdale Enterprises while burying memories better forgotten. When the company’s owner sends her to oversee an expansion project at a retirement home in Eastern Washington, Mykah envisions a charming urban location. Instead, she discovers an area teeming with farms, ranches, vineyards, and sagebrush. Desperate to return to her idea of civilization as quickly as possible, Mykah soon finds herself falling in love with the residents, the region, and a rancher who helps her remember all the best things from her past.

Brimming with hope, laughter, and second chances, Remembering Christmas is a captivating and wholesome romance celebrating the joy of falling in love and the wonder of the season.

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Praise for Remembering Christmas

“One of the things I look forward to at Christmastime is getting to read the next book in the Rodeo Romance series from Shanna Hatfield. This series has been a delight to me each time I read the books and it is always great to catch up with previous characters in a new book. This time it is Trevor King’s turn. Who would have thought a chance encounter with a mystery lady would be something he remembers for so long. And what happens when Mykah (aka the mystery lady) comes to the rescue of Aunt Marv? The way characters are brought to life is a true delight and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the ridiculous and hilarious things that go on – especially from Aunt Marv. She and her bunch of crazy friends were truly funny and really added that extra dimension to this story. It was a exceptional book, with an amazing story and romance that I did not want to end … in fact I’m going to go and start rereading the whole series!”

BookBub Review


“Love this story! The characters were well done — realistic and complex. “

Goodreads Review


“This is such enjoyable Christmas story. It’s a heartwarming, funny & moving romance. I loved it from the first to the last page… A must read!”

Goodreads Review


Her gaze narrowed and she edged closer to the door. “Might I assume no female has completely lost her mind and agreed to become your bride? Or do cavedwellers such as yourself keep them hidden away to prevent interaction with someone who might help rescue them from such a disastrous plight?”

Insulted, Trevor straightened to his full height. The heat from the pavement threatened to blister his feet right through his filthy socks. A mosquito had discovered his unsnapped shirt and feasted on his exposed flesh. Sweat dripped off him with the sun bearing down on his back. Worst of all, though, was the fact that the woman he’d spent countless nights dreaming about had just referred to him as a cavedweller.

“As a matter of fact, I am still single. I assume you are too, or there’d be a hideous diamond the size of a gumdrop glittering on your finger, princess.” He offered her his most obnoxious smile.

“My name is Miss Wagner, and you may assume all you like. I’m leaving. Your aunt is wonderful, your home is lovely, but I hope to the high heavens I never see you again.” She grabbed the door handle and yanked it open, but before she could move inside, something in Trevor snapped.

He latched onto Mykah’s arms, spun her around, and kissed her the way he’d thought of kissing her nearly every day for eighteen months.

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