Rescuing the Rancher

Her hero has arrived

Even if she doesn’t realize it . . . yet

Widow Jossy Jansen intimidates people, mostly by accident. After all, her soon-to-be sister-in-law called her a cowboy version of Wonder Woman. Jossy can’t help it if she’s strong, capable, and bursting with restless energy. Never one who needed a man to rescue her, Jossy struggles with her feelings for an unlikely knight dressed in Armani.

Life as a corporate attorney has left Nathaniel Knight overworked, stressed, and going soft. He hardly recognizes the person he’s become. When his father insists he help out the small community of Summer Creek, Nate dreads spending time so far from civilization. Then he tangles with a rancher far too stubborn for her own good and far too lovely for his.

 Can Nate convince Jossy he’s more than just a city boy out of his element?

 A sweet romance brimming with heart, humor and hope, Rescuing the Rancher is a story of redemption, trust, and discovering true love.


Praise for Rescuing the Rancher

“On the outside, widowed rancher Jossy Jansen exudes confidence and strength, but no one sees how she’s crumbling inside. She tells herself if she can hide the truth long enough to fool everyone, she can manage her life. Yet, despite the overwhelming guilt and fear poking holes in her like swiss cheese, she’s sure about one thing—no man will ever control her again.

Her protected little world is shaken up when a successful corporate attorney with a six figure income arrives in town. Handsome, self-assured Nathaniel Knight is everything she’s not. But will she be able to resist his charm and keep her heart locked until he goes back to the big city?

A captivating story of redemption and love between two people yearning for happiness and the true meaning of life.”

Linda Broday

New York Times Bestselling Author


“This is a sweet romance with heart, humor, hope, not to mention all the hallmarks of a Shanna Hatfield romance her readers have come to expect.”

Jo-Ann Roberts, author

“Great characters & small town charm make it the perfect read. I loved this story from the first page to the last!”

Goodreads Reviewer


“If Summer Creek were a real place, I would throw my stuff in a brown paper sack, not worrying with a suitcase and get there as quickly as I could.”

Goodreads Reviewer



Jossy gave Nathaniel a studying glance. “Think you can dry a few dishes or will that damage your manicure?” She tossed a dish towel at him.

Nathaniel caught the towel and stepped over to the dish drainer where she’d left pots and pans to drip after she’d scrubbed them clean. His voice was quiet as he spoke. “I don’t have a manicure.”

Jossy knew she’d been rude, but she couldn’t bring herself to apologize. Not when the man’s expensive cologne teased her nose and the warmth of his presence beside her made every nerve ending in her body prance to attention. His arm accidentally rubbed against hers, and she nearly dropped the glass in her hand.

Openly, he studied her, his gaze holding hers captive, his eyes growing dark until the hue reminded her of the leaves of a cottonwood tree cast into twilight shadows. Unable to look away, she watched his jaw tighten as he appeared to battle an inner debate.

Suddenly, he set the pan he held on the counter with a clang and turned to her. The ludicrous notion that he was about to kiss her caused Jossy to moisten her lips instead of step away from him. Regardless of her head shouting for her to turn tail and run, her feet seemed rooted to the floor. Slowly, his head dipped toward hers and Jossy began to lower her eyelashes, anticipating his kiss.

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