Spring Into Romance

Love and springtime blossom in two sweet romances. . . 

The Cowboy’s Spring Romance

Trent Thompson has carried a torch for the new schoolteacher since she moved to Grass Valley more than three years ago. Instead of asking her out, he’s dated every single female for miles around, giving her the impression he’s not interested in her at all.

Will Trent be able to maintain the pretense when he has to babysit his niece, who happens to be in Lindsay’s class? Romance is in the air as spring fever hits the Triple T Ranch!

Taste of Tara

Pastry chef Tara Tarleton has one month to live out her dreams on a plantation in the South. Reality falls far short of her expectations until a chance encounter with a hunky horse wrangler changes her mind.

Falling in love never tasted so sweet… Taste of Tara is a wholesome, lively read that captures the tender romance of following your dreams, no matter where they may lead.

Get  two great stories for the price of one!

Praise for Spring Into Romance

“If you love a good clean, western, romance, and love to laugh, this is the series for you.”

Amazon Review of The Cowboy’s Spring Romance


“Ms. Hatfield is always at the top of her game. She writes the most wonderful romance stories I think I have ever read. From the first word it pulls you right in and leaves you wanting more throughout the entire story.”

Amazon Review of The Cowboy’s Spring Romance


“What a sweet romance! I definitely enjoyed the story of how Tara and Brett fell in love. What a fun experience for Tara to live out her dream in the South!”

Amazon Review of Taste of Tara


“This is a delightful story of chance meetings, surprises, and very romantic.”

Amazon Review of Taste of Tara


“What’s a honeymoon?”

Trent Thompson looked down at his five-year-old niece regretting, yet again, his decision to play babysitter while his brother Trey enjoyed a trip to Mexico with his new wife.

Slowly rubbing his hand across the back of his neck and trying to think of a suitable response, he didn’t have time to provide one before he was pelted with another round of questions.

“What do peoples do on a honeymoon? Do they play and have fun? What do they do, Uncle Trent?” Cass asked, standing on Trent’s feet with her arms wrapped around his knees, looking up at him with questions burning in her bright blue eyes. “How come I couldn’t go? Is Daddy going to kiss Mama like he does when they think I’m asleep? Is that why I couldn’t go? Why, Uncle Trent? Why?”

He was going to die.

Gently picking up the little redhead, he gave her a hug before setting her down on the kitchen counter.

“Well, Cass…” Trent racked his brain for an answer. His standard response to her tricky questions was to tell her to go ask her mother. Now that he didn’t have an escape route, he was going to have to come up with something to stop her questioning. “People do go on a honeymoon to have fun. They usually go somewhere they can enjoy spending time together. You couldn’t miss school, that’s why you had to stay here with me and Uncle Travis.”

Smug with his response, he hoped it answered Cass’ questions.

“Oh, okay,” Cass said, swinging her feet on the edge of the counter, looking around the big kitchen. “Where’s Uncle Travis?”

“He went out to warm up the pickup so you wouldn’t freeze your toes on the way to school.” Trent lifted Cass’ coat and helped her put it on.  Being responsible for a little person was new to Trent…

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