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Steve the Mule

From the beloved Pendleton Petticoats series, Steve the Mule now has his own story! Steve the Mule has an important job at his family’s ranch in 1910 Pendleton, Oregon. Explore a day in his life as he keeps an eye on little Willa. When he discovers trouble brewing, Steve races off to save her. Will he make it in time?

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Praise for Steve the Mule

“Steve the Mule is one of my favorite children’s books. My grandchildren loved Steve and his protective nature over Willa. The relation between Steve and Willa is sweet. It’s a fun read and I know your children or grandchildren will enjoy it as much as I and mine did. The illustrations were darling, including a guest chick on every page.”

Award-winning Author Carmen Peone

“I bought 3 copies for my grandkids at Christmas, and they loved this book! The illustrations are adorable, and Steve, of course, is a true hero. Definitely a must-buy for your little ones!”

Author Pam Crooks

“This is one of the most adorable children’s books I’ve seen in a long time. Our daughter loves it and has read it several times today alone. Steve the Mule is not only the sweetest animal, but Shanna has written an engaging story that keeps kids turning the page. I can’t recommend this book enough!”

USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie D. Snitker


“Steve The Mule is a precious children’s book.”

Amazon Reviewer