Taste of Tara

Falling in love never tasted so sweet…

Pastry Chef Tara Tarleton doesn’t want much out of life except to have a successful career and someday visit the South. When the opportunity arises to spend a month on a plantation near Atlanta helping bring a living history event to life, she jumps at the chance. Filled with grand visions of channeling a southern belle, disappointment settles over her when reality comes to call. Plagued with allergies, humidity, and a creaky old house, she’s ready hand over her mint julep and return home. Then she meets a man who rescues her from thugs, bugs, and herself.

Life has taught Brett Cutler to enjoy one day at a time. That’s exactly what he’s doing when a beautiful girl runs into his arms as she tries to escape men intent on harming her. From that moment on, he’s ready to plan the next fifty years of his future. The only problem is the woman who’s captured his heart has no intention of staying in town.

Taste of Tara is a lively, fun read that captures the sweet romance of following your dreams, no matter where they may lead.

Praise for Taste of Tara

“Tara goes to Atlanta to be a pastry chef for at a manor for an immersion experience. While she has some bad luck with thugs, humidity, and stinky bugs, she falls in love with the history and the surroundings. She also meets a dashing young horseman Brett Cutler (can anyone say Rhett Butler?). I loved that the characters all had names linked to Gone with the Wind in some way. The romance between Tara and Brett was adorable. He was a knight in shining armor, and she was in turns a damsel in distress, and a sassy southern girl.”

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“The characters were great with just the right chemistry. It was a fun clean read and totally enjoyable. I’m sure there was a little southern twang in there to boot to bad we can’t read that :). I mean she does play Scarlett after all. I loved Tara and her passion of baking but her desire to be more. It was just GREAT!”

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“Which one?” Brett asked, tipping back his head and closing his eyes.

“One what?” she questioned, confused.

“Which Scarlett dress are you going to wear? I’m trying to picture it. The infamous drapery dress, maybe? Hmm.” He opened one eye and rolled his head her way. “I think I’d vote for the barbecue dress. The one with all the ruffles…” his hand brushed across his collar bone then dipped further down to illustrate the design he had in mind “…that showed off her, um, assets.”

“There will be no assets on display, I assure you.” Tara glowered at him then couldn’t help but grin. “I will admit, though, that is my favorite dress. I’ve always wanted to wear that as a Halloween costume, but back to that hoop skirt thing. Not great for getting around in a car or through narrow doorways.”

His hand settled around her shoulder as he chuckled. He pulled her against his side, then pressed a light kiss to the top of her head. “Tara, you are such an adorable goofball.”

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