Silhouette of a cowboy leaning in a barn doorway, looking outside. Vertical shot.

The Cowboys Autumn Fall

Sweet romance is the stuff of fairytales

Or so one cowboy thinks until he falls in love…

Brice Morgan thought love at first sight was some ridiculous notion of school girls and old ladies who read too many romance novels. At least he does until he falls hard and fast for an intriguing and thoroughly perplexing woman at a friend’s wedding.

Bailey Bishop attends her cousin’s wedding with no intention of extending her brief visit to Oregon. Married to her career as a paleontologist, Bailey tries to ignore her intense attraction to her cousin’s best friend, Brice. Ready to return home to Denver, Bailey instead accepts the opportunity to explore a new dig site not far from the family’s ranch in Grass Valley. Can she keep her feelings for Brice from derailing her plans for the future?

As the autumn season arrives, love falls on willing hearts at the Triple T Ranch.



Praise for The Cowboys Autumn Fall

“Love that it is a wonderful love story pure and simple.”

Amazon Reviewer

“This is one of the best love story series I have read.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I loved the family, wish we had more men like the ones in the book.”

Amazon Reviewer


Bailey had the grace to blush with embarrassment.

“Maybe it was for the gift I sent. I understand if you didn’t care for it, but most people would at least say thank you or return it,” Brice said, glaring at her through narrowed eyes. He hadn’t moved since she approached him, but every muscle was tight and tense as he stared her down. “Or maybe you feel the need to apologize for asking my closest friends to keep your impending arrival a secret. It certainly couldn’t be the way you took the friendship I offered, ground it under your heel and threw it in my face.”

Brice sighed and swiped his hand over his face. “I guess I’m the one who should apologize. I’m sorry for bothering you, for thinking you might like me enough to treat me with even the most basic amount of decency. You’ve made your feelings toward me clear, so I’m done, Bailey. Goodbye.”

Brice turned and stalked off toward his pickup. Bailey watched him go, knowing she should let him walk away, let him walk out of her life, but something in her wouldn’t let her do it. Before he reached the corner of the house, she was beside him, her hand on his arm, looking into his face with regret and a little fear.

“Brice, I’m sorry. It was unforgivably rude of me to ignore your efforts at friendship and I realized as soon as I got here how wrong it was not to tell you I was coming,” Bailey said, trying to keep her thoughts in order while fire zipped through her fingers where her hand made contact with Brice’s skin. She’d tried to forget the electrical charge that snapped between them any time they got near each other. It was back in full force. “It was selfish and cruel and I’m sincerely sorry.”

Brice continued to glare at her but he didn’t make any effort to leave. She took that as a positive sign.

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