Winter Wonderland Romance-EBOOK

Winter Wonderland Romance

She never wanted to return to her hometown.
He needed an escape from his family.
When a chance meeting brings them together, will their attraction keep them from drifting apart?

Doctor Olivia Burton never intended to return to her hometown of Pinehill. After graduating high school, she set off on a new path, eager to leave her past behind. However, years later, an unexpected phone call from her mentor pulls her back to Pinehill to take over a thriving medical practice as the town’s primary physician. Determined to avoid the local gossip mill, Olivia attempts to keep a low profile as she settles back into the community.

Alex Adams is desperate for an escape from his well-meaning but suffocating family. After a life-altering explosion ended his military career, he finds himself plagued with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Surrounded by his loud and overbearing family only intensifies his struggles. Seeking respite, he retreats to his aunt’s mountain cabin in Pinehill, desperate for peace and quiet.

When a chance encounter brings Alex and Olivia together, the sparks begin to fly. Olivia, cautious and hesitant to let anyone into her guarded heart, begins to question if it’s time to leave her past behind and embrace the possibility of a winter wonderland romance. Alex, yearning for connection and understanding, finds himself drawn to Olivia’s warmth and kindness.

As they spend more time together, will Olivia and Alex discover that love, much like freshly fallen snow, has a way of blanketing everything in a layer of beauty?

Uncover the joys that come with new beginnings, the transformative power of love, and the magic that can be found in the simplest moments in this sweet, wholesome, and tender romance.

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Praise for Winter Wonderland Romance

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Nurse Milleson returned with a dishpan of water and set it in front of Dude, who lapped greedily at the liquid.

Much to Alex’s surprise, the doctor knelt by the dog and buried her fingers in Dude’s thick fur, giving him gentle attention. “You’re a good boy, Dude. Such a good boy.”

The dog turned and looked at her with puppy love in his eyes, dripping water on her fancy high-heeled boot from his wet chin.

She smiled at Dude, scratched behind his ears, then stood. Her gaze swiveled to Alex, and her smile faded. “Remember, you were never here, and I did not touch this dog.”

“Dude will never tell,” Alex winked at her.

She frowned and took a step back. “Where are you staying?”

“My uncle has a cabin on the edge of town.”

“I see,” Doctor Burton said, back to being prickly and professional. “Well, just make sure your dog rests up this evening, and for heaven’s sake, don’t let him eat out of the garbage. You’re lucky that didn’t puncture his insides or kill him.”

“I don’t let him eat out of the garbage. We were on a walk, and the old gents at the barbershop stopped me to talk. Dude got into the garbage before I realized there was anything on the ground he shouldn’t be eating.”

Alex thought he heard the doctor utter something about gossiping old geezers, then she offered him a chagrined look. “Pretend you didn’t hear that.” She removed the plastic gloves she wore and held out a hand to him. “Welcome to Pinehill.”

Alex stood and took her delicate hand in his, feeling a zap tingle up his arm at the contact. Unsettled, he released her hand and took a step back, almost tripping over Dude. He kept from falling to the floor only by catching himself on one of the waiting room chairs.

As Doctor Burton and the nurse fought to hide their laughter, Alex sighed. What a way to make a first impression.

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