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Yesterday I posted about how music helps me when I’m writing. It gives me creative ideas for characters and situations and I really enjoy finding just the right song for each story.

This new hobby of pairing my books with music started when I was writing Heart of Clay.

When Captain Cavedweller and I were dating, there was an up-and-coming artist who was quite popular at the time. He had a great voice and I loved his songs. One of his hits was our wedding song.

Since inspiration for the character of Clay came loosely from Captain Cavedweller, it was natural for me to listen to songs by John Michael Montgomery as I was writing the story.Hearing his songs always takes me back to our days of dating and early in our marriage.

There were several songs that fit so perfectly with the story, at least in my head, but the one that I think sums it up best and comes full circle along with our characters Clay and Callan is the song Even Then. If you’ve never heard this song, listen to it. It is so beautiful and lovely. I honestly think more people should consider it for a wedding song.  It is one of my all-time favorites.

Some other songs from John Michael Montgomery that I think fit well with Heart of Clay are:

When Your Arms Were Around

Sinkin’ In

All in My Heart

Love Working on You

I Don’t Want This Song to End (this is the song Callan sings to Clay)

Hold On to Me

I won’t be a spoiler and tell you where in the story these songs play in my head while I read, but they do. Every time.

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