Brave Lessons #12


Captain Cavedweller and I decided to make a lifestyle change that we hope will help us:

  1. Feel better
  2. Look better
  3. Be healthy!

This change involves a whole new way of eating and approaching food.

I have to tell you, it’s kind of scary. As a chocoholic and one who would rather eat bread, pasta, cheese, and ice cream, the thought of giving those things up – at least for a while – is somewhat daunting.

But we are five days into it and things are still a little scary, but going along okay.

I liked this quote because it reminded me of one of the reasons we are doing this change.

Regret. If we don’t make some changes, we’re both going to regret it.

Do you ever think about doing something different, making a change, and then ignore that little voice telling you to follow through?

Well, for us, the little voice could no longer be ignored and it was time to bravely face this new change.

If you have anything you’ve been contemplating changing, I’m cheering you on if you dive right into it! Be brave! You’ve got this!

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