Brave Lessons #13

A while back, someone recommended a book about bravery. It had gotten quite a bit of good press, so I bought, read it, and wasn’t wild about it.

The book was supposed to be about learning how to be brave while setting aside society’s standards for what that means. Instead, it was a mix of the author’s personal political agenda and recaps of incredibly stupid things they had done under the mask of bravery. I think the thing that bothered me the most was the author encouraged youth to follow their faulty footsteps (by doing stupid things) because it was “brave. “

I liked this visual and quote, especially in regard to that book. What the bird is doing is not brave, it’s stupid. And there definitely is a fine line between the two.
So I encourage you to do one brave (not stupid) thing this week. I know I’m going to be trying.

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