Brave Lessons #17

This quote resonated with me this morning for several reasons.

Over the weekend, I heard a wonderful speaker share about taking care of a friend who’d had surgery. He said he learned during that experience he’s eager and willing to help as long as:

  1. He can help when it’s convenient to him.
  2. The person he’s helping does what he wants him to do when he wants him to do it.

What that speaker shared struck home with me. I’m all to often that way. I’m willing to do what I can as long as it is convenient to me and doesn’t stretch my patience. But that’s not being a true help, is it?

And it’s also not being very brave.

Which is why this quote spoke to my heart. It is easy to be brave from a safe distance, from a place where we never really leave the safety and security of our comfort zone. The true challenges arise when he step forward, step out of those safe places, and embrace what is before us with courage in spite of our reservations and fear.

I’m going to try stepping forward this week. I hope you will, too!

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