Brave Lessons #18

Over the weekend, Captain Cavedweller and I tackled a job we’ve been avoiding and dreading: taking everything out of the storage barn, sorting through it, getting rid of junk we don’t need, then neatly putting what we can’t live without back.

No big deal, right?

Well, here’s where things got challenging for me. I am terrified of heights. Not only do they scare me half witless, I get vertigo if I am up more than three steps on a ladder.¬† So it would make sense for my husband to be the one climbing up to the barn loft.

However, Captain Cavedweller lacks the gene that enables humans to pack things into a tight space in an orderly fashion. Not only that, but there was no way I could heft some of the storage tubs up to him in the loft (Think big tubs full of books, farm implements, and old blue mason jars. Heavy stuff).

With no better options, I had to climb up the ladder into the loft and lean over the edge to grab the boxes and storage tubs CC handed up to me.

Not only did I climb up there once, I had to do it twice.

As I sat up there puzzling the best way to get the most stuff stored in the space, I realized we really can do anything if we pull on our brave britches and believe in ourselves!

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