Brave Lessons #3


If any of you are like me and find your comfort zone to be… well, comfortable, it can be hard to stretch beyond it’s borders.

Not just hard – but terrifying, stressful, scary, unsettling (the list could go on and on!).

But it’s outside the borders of the comfort zone where incredible things, magical things, great, amazing dreaming-of-the-possibility things actually happen.

Stepping outside the comfort zone and into that magic isn’t easy. What it is, though, is brave.


I’m working on putting some plans in place that I hope will bring about some “great things” this year. But to do that, I’ve had to step way outside my comfort zone. It’s uncomfortable and a bit frightening, but it’s also exciting and hopeful.

I hope when you’re faced with the choice of staying in your comfort zone or stepping out of it into something wonderful, you’ll take that step. I’m cheering you on!

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