Brave Lessons #8


This quote from Dalai Lama resonated with me this morning. In every circumstance we have choices, even those hard, hurtful, terrifying circumstances, we still get to choose how we react to them, what we focus on.

I just loved this quote and the message it conveys of letting our circumstances soften us and make us kinder.

There is a certain special type of bravery in being kind, especially to those who may have hurt us, or used us, or been cruel to us. It’s hard to be kind to people like that. But it’s right. And it’s brave.


So if you’re thinking to yourself that you aren’t a particularly brave person, just think of all the times you’ve been kind when other’s might not have been.

That’s being brave.

See, you’re braver than you think!

I encourage you this week to be kind and brave. I know I’m going to be working on it!

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