Maddie James  wrote a compelling story with Broken.

Amarilla Ray has a lot of responsibility riding on her young shoulders. As she buries her father and prepares to take over the Triple R Ranch, the last person she expects to see is Garth Nash. He left her once for the rodeo and she doesn’t think her heart can take him leaving her again.

A bull riding star, Garth Nash has been gone from the Triple R for a decade, returning to pay his final respects to a man he loved like a father and to console the girl who had been a pesky tomboy when he left.

Garth quickly decides there is nothing tomboyish about the beautiful and determined Amarilla.

Both hurt and afraid to chance their hearts being broken, the story takes you through the agony of them learning to trust and love.

If you are looking for a nice afternoon read, this is a good story to check out. There is a little steam toward the end so be advised.

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