Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

In case you didn’t hear the earth-shattering news – today is National Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day!

(Yes you read that correctly, and no, I have not gone off the deep end).

Honest to goodness, that is what today is all about. There is a really fun website here called BWAD (Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day).

Check it out if you want to be entertained, enlightened and possibly unsettled. There are some fun photos posted from people who were really creative with the bubbly stuff making everything from a mouse to a dress.

I know for a fact that I appreciate Bubble Wrap® especially when I’m trying to pack up something that is breakable. It is one of the handiest things. There is also the fact that Hubby loves to pop the bubbles – loudly – right behind me when I didn’t hear him coming. It provides him with unbelievable levels of amusement.

Have fun and Happy Bubble Wrap® Day!

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