Butterfly Food Part 2

To finish up my week long Butterfly Party theme kick, here are a few more food ideas.

butterfly fruit salad finished

Butterfly Fruit Salad was super easy to make and looked pretty impressive.

butterfly fruit salad ingredients

Ingredients included watermelon, canteloupe, cherries and blackberries but you could use whatever fruit you have on hand that is in season. You do need melon to do the butterfly cut-outs though.

butterfly fruit salad cut out melon

I peeled the melon and cut it into flat chunks about 1/4 inch thick then pressed in the cookie cutter. The cantaloupe is a little harder to cut, but totally worth the effort.

butterfly fruit salad watermelon cutout

The melon is easy-breezy to cut into. I used two different sizes of cookie cutters.

butterfly fruit salad melons

And the result was a bowlful of fun butterfly shaped melon.

chocolate butterfly choc in bag

The last and final thing I served at the party was chocolate mousse cups with chocolate butterflies.

I used a mousse mix, but you can certainly make it from scratch of you so desire.

I melted a handful of chocolate chips and then spoon them into a ziploc bag with the corner cut off one end. Make the opening pretty small or you’ll have extra fat butterflies.

Pattern for the chocolate butterflies. Mine is a little freaky, so draw your own if you like.
The pattern for the chocolate butterflies. Mine is a little freaky, so draw your own if you like.

chocolate butterfly on sheet

Place the pattern beneath a piece of parchment on a baking sheet. Using the chocolate, follow the lines of the pattern (or free-handing if you are talented like that. Sadly, I’m not.)

Freeze until firm (you can make these days ahead of time, if you like. Just don’t touch them any more than you have to. They are fragile and melt in no time flat.

chocolate butterfly in mousse cup

When you are ready to serve. Add a dollop of whipped cream to the mousse, remove the butterflies from the freezer then nestle into the whipped cream. A fun, whimsical way to end a party!

She Who Loves Butterflies

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