Captain Cavedweller

Today is Captain Cavedweller’s birthday.

I have a feeling since it is Monday, since we both have to work and since it isn’t a “milestone” birthday, the celebration is going to be pretty low key.

Low key works for CC because that pretty much sums up his personality – low key, laid back and casual.

When I met CC, he was so different than other guys I knew. He liked to stay out of the spotlight, he genuinely cared about others and he wasn’t embarrassed to hug his mom or his grandma. You know you’ve got a keeper when he lets his grandma pinch his cheeks in front of his new girlfriend or allows his mother to hug him or his dad to ruffle his hair without rolling his eyes or complaining.

Some of the things I most admire about CC includes his ability to break the tension in a room with a joke or a laugh. Rarely is anything all about him. He can be completely exhausted, but if someone asks for his help, he’ll see what he can do to provide assistance. He doesn’t dwell in the negative or stew over things he can’t change. I recently witnessed him take the high road when taken the lower road would have been a lot easier.

He has taught me to look beyond what is just in front of my face¬† – to see the stars twinkling in the night sky or the butterfly dancing with summer’s fragrant blossoms.

CC still holds open doors for me, he brings me flowers “just because,” and makes my world a little brighter just be sharing it with me.

Although I’m sure it would embarrass him to acknowledge it, he provides me with a wealth of inspiration for my romance novels. In my stories, most of the guys are gentlemen. They treat women respectfully, work hard, have fun and do their best. They may not always get everything right, but they try.

Rather like my Captain Cavedweller. He’s not perfect, but none of us are. And if you want to tally flaws, I’m pretty sure his are far, far fewer than mine.

Which is why I love him so.

That, and he looked really cute in his jeans in boots.

CC knows I’m a complete and total nut-job most of the time, yet he loves me anyway.

He gives me time and space to be me… to dream. And he not only encourages my dreams, he does what he can to support them and help them become a reality.

I know his love is unconditional. I like to think he knows mine is too. Unconditional and deeply grateful for the blessing of him in my life. I don’t know how he manages it, but he melts my heart on a daily basis, makes me laugh and gives me more joy, friendship and love than I would have thought possible.

So today, my beloved Captain, I wish for you all that you deserve and so much more. I wish for you a special day and an amazing year ahead. I wish you dreams come true.

Happy, Happy Birthday!

She Who Loves CC From the Very Depths of Her Heart

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