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With all the hectic craziness going on the last few weeks, I realize I’ve been remiss in sharing details about my upcoming releases.

So sorry!

Today, I thought you might enjoy meeting the two main characters from Capturing Christmas. This is the third book in the Rodeo Romance series. The Christmas Cowboy is book one and Wrestlin’ Christmas is book two.

Without further ado, meet Kash Kressley and Celia McGraw.

Jon Prescott 3In my opinion, Jon Prescott makes the absolutely, most wonderfully perfect Kash that I could imagine.

Kash is handsome and gentle yet rugged and tough in his work as a rodeo stock contractor. And those eyes… oh, my!

Jon Prescott 1

And the smirk…

jon-prescott1Celia is quite captivated by Kash the first time she sets eyes on him…

At least she assumed she hadn’t died, unless angels wore dusty cowboy hats, dark blue chaps, and were breath-stealing handsome.

Those engaging eyes bore into hers, making her heart skitter in her chest while an entire bushel of butterflies burst into flight in her stomach.

She observed her rescuer. He sat tall in the saddle and had muscles to spare, or so she presumed from the way he easily hoisted her off the ground and onto his horse. A hint of light brown hair peeked out from beneath the brim of his hat. The pale blue shirt he wore almost matched the fascinating shade of his eyes.

Celia experienced the most unreasonable urge to run her fingers along the stubbly expanse of his cheeks, down his square jaw, and over his strong chin. Mesmerized by his full bottom lip, she inhaled a deep breath and nearly choked.

The very scent of him hinted at a lethal combination of freshly fallen snow, a warm winter fire, and sweet seduction rolled into one incredibly enticing package.

amy gumenick 2Celia McGraw is a sassy, feisty redheaded photographer who shoots photos of weddings and rodeos. When I began looking for some visual inspiration, I came across photos of Amy Gumenick (a very lovely blonde) who played a redhead in a few episodes of Arrow.

celia 2She is exactly how I picture Celia. Just enough spunk and spice, tempered with a big heart and sweetness to make her entirely lovable.

amy gumenick

And here’s what Kash thinks after meeting Celia…

“So what’s her story?” Kash asked Huck as they stood behind the bucking chutes waiting for the bull riding to start.

Huck stretched out his legs and raised one arm above his head, twisting to the side. “Who?”

“Celia McGraw.” Moisture flooded Kash’s mouth as he spoke her name. Although he’d rather don a tiara and pretend to be a member of the rodeo court than admit the truth, he’d had his eye on the beautiful woman for quite a while.

The previous spring, he’d first noticed her as she took photos at a rodeo. It happened to be the same one where her brother sustained a career-ending injury. He hadn’t seen her again for several months, until he caught sight of her in Pendleton that fall.

A vision of her long red hair, a bright shade he mentally connected to Lucille Ball, had stayed in his head, though. Her curvy figure, inviting mouth, and eyes the color of evergreen trees hadn’t escaped his notice either.


Stay tuned this week as I share more excerpts and details about Capturing Christmas!

Don’t forget! You can pre-order your copy today! The book releases Nov. 12 amidst much excitement and fanfare.

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