Capturing Christmas Visual Inspiration

Capturing Christmas CoverWhen I was writing Capturing Christmas, I found several photos on Pinterest that helped me visualize the story.

Some of the most fun images, were those of Christmas decorations.

In the story, Celia McGraw might be feisty and sassy on the outside, but inside, she’s really girly. And she loves anything vintage.

Here are some of the photos that gave me inspiration and tugged me down memory lane.

Vintage ornamentsThese ornaments (and tinsel) reminded me of decorations my grandma had. My Mom had some similar to these, too. In fact, I think I have a few passed down from CC’s grandma that have that frosty, 1940s vibe.

Vintage linens

Celia (and me) love vintage linens. She happens upon a trunk with some old tablecloths in the story, and gets quite excited by her find. (And I would, too!).

Vintage Christmas elf

Long before Elf on the Shelf became so, so popular, there were little knee-hugging elves. My mom had a set of three that had seen better days by the time I came along, but they hung on the tree every year. Seeing this one brings back lots of childhood memories. Celia also loved the little sweet-faced vintage elves she discovers.

vintage tree burlapAlthough she’s girly, she’s definitely a country girl. Celia uses burlap ribbon to decorate a Christmas tree, giving it a western flair.

vintage christmas milk can

And she gets her sister-in-law-, Kaley, to give her some tips for decorating ideas.

Vintage Christmas jingle bells on jute

Celia (and I ) really liked the idea of hanging vintage jingle bells on a piece of jute.

You can see all the photos I used for visual inspiration on the book’s board on Pinterest.

And I’ll leave you with a little teaser. Celia has been sick and lost her voice right before this scene…


“Whoa! It looks like Santa’s elves are preparing for a blow-out yard sale.”

Celia stared at Kash as he strolled inside the room.

“Did you find some treasures?” he asked, picking up the elf Ransom had tossed back at the trunk.

“I can’t believe you guys have all these great antique decorations and don’t even appreciate them.” Celia smiled smugly when Kash glanced at her, surprised to hear her speak in full sentences.

“It’s so good to hear you talk, even if you still sound like you’ve got a frog latched onto your windpipe.”

She giggled and tossed her dishtowel at him.


“Hmm?” He picked up the string of lights and started to work out the tangles.

“Do you think we could get a Christmas tree tomorrow?”

“That could be arranged, as long as you’re up to it.” He smiled at her and sat down on one of the recliners, pulling her onto his lap. “Just don’t overdo it today.”

“I won’t.” Celia rested her head against his chest and listened to the steady beat of his heart beneath her ear. Steady and solid and sure — that was Kash Kressley.

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