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Twenty-five years ago today, I married a boy who’d captured my heart.

He made me laugh. He filled my heart with so much joy. And I loved him to the depths of my heart.

Now, as we celebrate our anniversary, he still makes me laugh every single day. He fills my heart with more joy than it can hold. And I love him to the very depths of my soul.

When I was trying to think of a special gift to give him for our anniversary, the idea of writing a book kept trickling into my thoughts. So today, Capturing the Cavedweller’s Heart releases – to celebrate our anniversary and as a tribute to my very own Captain Cavedweller. I hope you enjoy it!

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Can true love endure across the constraints of time?

 USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield will capture your heart in this time-travel romance.

Archaeologist Hannah Clayton has the unique talent of clearly imagining the past as she unearths artifacts in the present. When she stumbles across a cave with a wall of hidden petroglyphs, she’s giddy with excitement. At least until a man dressed like a caveman appears out of nowhere and scares her witless.

Inexplicably drawn to the cavedweller who calls himself Thor, Hannah has to decide if he’s involved in an elaborate hoax or if he’s a walking miracle. Thor is unlike any man she’s ever encountered. From the moment they meet, she knows nothing will ever be the same.

He acts as though he adores her, makes her laugh, and fills her world with more joy than her heart can hold. But are the bonds they share strong enough to keep Thor beside her and prevent his return to the past?

A sweet romance, Capturing the Cavedweller’s Heart takes readers on a lighthearted journey sprinkled with tidbits of history and wrapped in the hope of lasting love.

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The thought of someone watching her freaked her out. She didn’t care if the guy was carrying out a joke or not; she wanted him gone.

“Okay, buddy. Fun’s over. Tell Sam I figured it out, but you portrayed a very convincing cavedweller.” She waggled the flashlight toward the cave tunnel that provided her only exit. “You need to leave, and I’ll get back to work.”

The man stared at her as though she’d grown a second head or was speaking in tongues. He held her gaze so long and with such power, she felt like he was trying to stare into her soul. What was it about this guy that left her completely unsettled?

His anger appeared to dissolve as his nostrils flared and his glance raked over her from the top of her ponytail to the toes of her hiking boots and up to her face again.

Something sparked in his eyes and flamed. Fear snaked through Hannah, and she took a step back. She didn’t know what thoughts were going through his mind, but she was certain she wasn’t going to like it. One thing was for certain — she refused to stick around to find out exactly what he had planned.

Slowly, with purpose, he took a step toward her, as though he stalked prey. If she wasn’t frightened half out of her mind, she might have admired the grace of his movements, almost like he was one of the big cats she’d imagined once possessed the enormous paw she’d dropped on the cloth or the one he wore against his hip.

Hannah needed the man to leave or allow her to go. Since he blocked her one means of exiting the cave, she hoped he’d get tired of the game and confess who’d sent him. If Sam was behind this, she’d make sure he understood payback was going to be a painful form of torture.

When he took another step toward her, Hannah assumed the man had no intention of leaving or letting her do so either. Her mind tripped over itself in terror of what the crazy guy might do to her. She tried to think of anything she had in her pack she could use as a weapon without actually killing the guy. She had picks, knives, and handheld shovels.

Oh, and a taser gun her brother-in-law, Jason, had given her when she’d first started going out on digs.

Desperation lent speed to Hannah’s movements as she stuffed the flashlight in her pocket, grabbed her pack, and pulled out the gun from the zippered pocket where she kept it.

“Last chance to leave me alone, mister,” she warned, holding the taser gun in front of her. “Do not come any closer.”

The man continued staring at her and took another step forward. She pointed the gun at him, grateful it came with a built-in light and laser beam.

“Aim and fire,” she said, repeating the instructions Jason had given her when he’d shown her how the gun functioned. On the off chance the garment the man wore was authentic, she aimed for his bare arm and pulled the trigger. Two dart-like electrodes flew out, attaching to the man’s impressive bicep. He shouted, whether in pain or shock, she didn’t know or care.

He appeared stunned but remained standing. Hannah pressed the stun gun component of the taser against his arm and gave him a jolt. Jason had warned her to never hold it more than five seconds on someone. She’d counted to three when the man’s body crashed to the ground.

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