Caregiver Appreciation Day


Today, I want to extend my thanks to anyone who is or has been a caregiver. The care you give is so important and so vital – and so appreciated.

I don’t think I fully realized just how important it is until my dad stepped into the role of caregiver for my mom in recent months.

I’ve learned so much from watching them together, not just about caregiving, but also about love.

Because to me, anyone who is willing to take on the job of caregiver is someone with a great capacity for love and giving from the heart.

So thank you, thank you to anyone who serves out of love and gives the care that makes each day a little better and brighter.

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4 Responses

  1. Love this so because I have been on both side. I worked giving daily living care to Mental Pts for near 25 yrs. upon retiring I then became my mother in Law caregiver and I will tell now that was not an easy task. Lately I have been the one receiving care and my husband has stepped up and went above and beyond in taking care of me. I do so dearly appreciate all he’s done for me for I know I can be a hard pt to deal with some days

    1. Hi Glenda,
      It wonderful you have a perspective from both sides (not the needing care, but that you understand it so well). And my hat is off to your hubby for stepping in and stepping up. That’s just awesome! Hope you continue to heal each day until you are back at 100 percent!

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