Caterina Audio Available


Caterina is now available on audio from Amazon, Audible or iTunes!

The awesome Meghan Kelly did a fabulous job narrating the story – including some fun Italian accents!

Listen to a sample here: Caterina Sample

Why did she have to fall for

     the most infuriating man in town? 

On the run from the Italian mafia, feisty Caterina Campanelli travels across the country and hides in a small western town. Uncertain about her future, she does her best to ignore her past and the turmoil the deputy stirs in her heart. Seeking comfort in her cooking, the last thing she needs is a sweet romance with most handsome and exasperating man in Pendleton.

Dedicated to his work as a deputy, Kade Rawlings loves the life he’s created for himself. Determined to remain single and unfettered, he just can’t stay away from the Italian spitfire who rolls into town keeping secrets and making the best food he’s ever eaten. Using his charm, wit, and brawn to win her trust, he may just get more than he bargained for.

And here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Do you always behave so deplorably?” Caterina asked, enjoying her turn to bait Kade. He so often said something to stir her temper. She was in such a fine mood after the banker agreed to her loan, she didn’t think there was a single thing the deputy could do or say to upset her.

“I don’t behave deplorably,” Kade grumbled, cocking a hip as he leaned against the counter. “You, however, behaved like a tavern wench, casting your wiles on Grant until he didn’t know up from down. Is that how the women in your family go about getting what they want?”

Caterina almost dropped the plate she dried on the floor and only managed to keep it from shattering by grasping the edge at the last second. Carefully setting it down on the counter, she narrowed her gaze and tightened her lips into a thin line.

“What? Don’t look at me like that when I’m only telling you what I saw. You flirted and teased, batted those long eyelashes of yours, and poured on the charm until he would have done anything you asked.” Kade wished he could reel in the words as quick as he’d said them.

Instead of apologizing and begging her forgiveness, he reverted to a tactic he’d used many times to appear aloof and disinterested. He took out his pocketknife and began picking at his fingernails. Unable to keep from further goading her, he continued his taunting while he focused on his knife blade. “Seems to me you were trying to sell more than the idea of your restaurant.”

He almost sliced through his finger when a wet dishtowel caught him in the face.

“How could you? How could you say such things to me?” Caterina stamped her foot as she glared at him, seething. Blooms of vibrant pink color filled her cheeks while snapping, angry sparks shot from her expressive eyes.

“You…you…bully!” Caterina looked around for something else to throw at him that wouldn’t break. She picked up a handful of the cutlery she’d just finished washing then started flinging spoons and forks his direction.

Too shocked by her actions to move immediately, a fork poked his hand before Kade shoved his knife into his pocket and lifted one of the chairs at the table. He held it in front of him trying to block the flying silverware. He was grateful Aundy had already dried the knives and put them away.

“Now, Cat, you need to calm down,” Kade said soothingly. He had plenty of practice handling hysterical females.

Only the female across the room didn’t look hysterical. Fuming and furious, definitely, but not hysterical.

“Don’t you ‘now, Cat’ me, you beast,” Caterina yelled, pointing her finger at Kade. “How dare you! How dare you speak so vilely, you disgusting, rotten…”


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