Caterina visuals

I thought you might like to see some of the visuals that inspired me while I wrote Caterina’s story.

Let’s start with Kade.

Big, handsome Kade Rawlings – a rugged, deputy sheriff who works hard to maintain a gruff demeanor although he’s really a big softie.

Alan RitchsonThe moment I saw Alan Ritchson‘s photo, I knew I’d found my inspiration for Kade.


Spike TV's 7th Annual Video Game AwardsTall and handsome with that square chin and winning smile, no wonder Caterina found herself drawn to him.


Kade 4Even when he was trying to come off as a little too rough and wild.


Caterina 1When I was searching for a feisty Italian girl, Mila Kunis seemed like a great choice.


Caterina 2From those lovely eyes to her sweet smile, she made a beautiful Caterina.

Caterina 3And she had that spark of fiery attitude that makes Caterina, well, Caterina!

Of course, since Kade and Garrett Nash are best friends, we get to revisit Garrett and Aundy, picking up their story about a month after Aundy ended.

Josh TurnerJosh Turner was my inspiration for Garrett…


Aundy 2While Jennifer Morrison filled the role of Aundy.

Some characters making return appearances are J.B. and Nora Nash, Dent (Aundy’s foreman), Nik Gandiaga, and Butter (Nik’s pet lamb).

There are a few new characters you’ll meet:

Ike grown

Ike – a blue Great Dane who adopted Kade. Ike, like his owner, can be a bit standoffish, unless he likes that person – then watch out.

Kade needed a dog, so when I was researching different breeds, I came across this photo:

IkeI think it was love at first sight. Look at those eyes and that sweet little face. And the ears kill me. Although Ike is grown in the story, this photo really helped shape his character.


In addition to his dog, Kade takes very good care of his horse, Pete. He needed a horse that was strong and tough, but also one that was quite eye-catching. This one certainly fit the bill. Spending a lot of time alone, Kade has the habit of talking to Pete. Sometimes the horse answers, sometimes he doesn’t, but it makes Kade feel better to talk to him. (But don’t tell anyone, Kade would hate for word to get out that he did something as crazy as talk to animals!).

There were a few other items I used for visual inspiration. I won’t give you details on them because they might spoil the story, but I’ll share the images:

1900 New York City map

A Map of1900 New York City




A Pietra Dura Locket

spice box

A vintage spice box. Opening the lid, you would see six spice tins inside, designed to keep spices fresh and rodents and bugs out.

For more visual images from the story, go to Caterina’s Board on Pinterest.


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