Celebrating Milestones


A few weeks ago, a very dear friend turned 40.

As in the Big Four-Oh.

As in over-the-hill.

As in the best years of her life are behind her.

As in, she’s still younger than me…

I digress.


I wanted to do something to let her know I thought her milestone birthday was pretty special.

So I bought her a bunch of junk, wrapped it up with lots of tape and disguised it in a beautiful box!

How’s that for being a great friend?

Seriously, though, this is a fun way to mark a milestone birthday.

I did something similar when my dad turned 70 and he thought it was awesome.

You can do this with any milestone birthday. Just set your budget, shop accordingly and have fun.

What you do is come up with a gift for each year of life the person is celebrating. In my BFF’s case, I needed 40 presents.

No problemo!

I got her super fun stuff like Silly Putty.


A fall table runner I knew she’d like.


A beach calendar so we can both fantasize about being somewhere warm and tropical and that the trip there would magically make us bronzed, thin and twenty years younger.


Pumpkin Spice tea- because it is one of the best things you can drink on a cold autumn day.


I even put in some sayings I knew would speak to her heart.


My point is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on the gifts, just find things you know the recipient will enjoy, laugh at, or appreciate.

Once you have assembled the necessary number of gifts, count them again, just to be sure. Then wrap each one individually. Yes, this will take a little time, but the look on their face when they get their gift is priceless!


Forty gifts wrapped and ready to give. To keep the excitement going, I piled all these into one big box, then wrapped it to look like the actual gift.

Ta da! How cool is that?


Try this out with someone who is celebrating a milestone. It is guaranteed to make them smile and let them know who much you care.

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