Character Worksheet

The fantastic and amazing author and speaker Jody Hedlund has a great little tool available on her website called a character worksheet.

As I prepared to begin writing the next installment in the Grass Valley Cowboys series, I sat down with this worksheet for my two main characters, Brice and Bailey.

It took some time to fill this worksheet out, but that investment in time has been more than worth it.

By filling out the worksheet, it not only got me thinking about the characters and what makes them unique, it also helped flesh out the story line and plot.

When I finally sat down to begin writing, all those little details that make the characters real and interesting were already on paper. The worksheet also makes it simple to look back on details when my brain is scrambling to remember some important yet obscure detail.

I highly recommend checking out this character worksheet – as well as all the great writing tools Jody has offered through her blog articles.


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