Chasing Christmas Characters

I thought you might enjoy seeing the visuals that inspired the characters for Chasing Christmas.

Let’s start with Jessie Pierce. I needed a wholesome-looking girl, one who could be introverted, but was lovely.

Meghann Fahy was ideal for Jessie.

She’s beautiful with the prettiest blue eyes, but still has that innocent air about her I knew Jessie would have.

Can’t you just picture her… “Wait? What happened? I’m married to that incredibly handsome cowboy? Are you kidding me?”

So that brings us to the incredibly handsome cowboy – Chase Jarrett.

Those who read Barreling Through Christmas might have noticed I mentioned Chase in the book, but we didn’t really know what he looked like.

Chase needed to be good-looking (that goes without saying, right?), but I wanted him to look fun. Like a guy who knows how to laugh and enjoy life.

Travis Van Winkle just happened to be the perfect visual for Chase.

Those eyes, that hair, the lips…

Um… what was I saying? Oh, right, how perfect Travis was as my visual inspiration for Chase.

I mean, is it any wonder Jessie couldn’t think straight around him?

To see more of the visuals that inspired Chasing Christmas, check out my board on Pinterest.

Oh, and while you browse the images, listen to this amazing song by Thomas Rhett. It’s what I listened to while I wrote the story and it was so, so perfect for the end of the story.


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