Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Here are some quick and easy tips for streamlining your tree decorating process!

If you have an artificial tree, pull on a pair of gloves before you ever pick up an artificial branch. If you are like me, those branches can be really rough on your hands. Mine usually end up looking like I’ve wrestled with a wild cat by the time I get done. I used my rose-pruning gloves and they worked like a charm.

For live trees, put down a plastic tablecloth before you bring in the tree. This will keep any spills, drips or leaks from soaking into your floor. It also provides a convenient way to trap the loose needles and get them outside the house.

Make sure you have plenty of lights for the tree. Instead of winding strands of lights around the tree, weave them back and froth in branches going from the base to the tips. This creates a whole new level of depth to your tree as the lights shine from within and without. Instead of taking light strands around the tree, I take them around back, then loop back toward the front. When you are ready to remove it goes a lot faster and easier.

Hang small, fragile, light-weight ornaments at the top with mid-size ornaments in the middle and the heavy ornaments toward the bottom. If you have little ones or pets that can’t stay out of the tree, make sure your ornaments around the bottom are the non-breakable variety.

Use a big enough tree stand for live trees. If you don’t, you could be subject to the nightmare of your tree tipping over. Believe me when I say the sound of glass balls shattering in the middle of the night is not one to give you visions of sugarplums.

Keep live trees watered so they stay fresh as long as possible. Check the water level every few days.

My last piece of wisdom is to have fun with your decorating. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect – let the kids enjoy their time decorating.

She Who Loves the Scent of Fresh Cut Trees

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