Christmas Wishes & Cowboy Kisses Release Day!


Yeehaw! It’s release day for Christmas Wishes & Cowboy Kisses!

Christmas might still be a few months away, but you don’t want to miss out on this deal—23 heartwarming sweet contemporary romances from USA Today and bestselling authors for only 99 cents!

All your favorite tropes will be there: second chance romance, love at first sight, small-town Christmas cheer, swoony single dads, enemies to lovers, snowed-in with the cowboy, and many more stories featuring the cowboy next door by some of your favorite authors in the genre, including Liz Isaacson, Lacy Williams, Macie St James, Natalie Dean, and many others.

I’m excited to curl up with these cowboys and enjoy some reading time with a cup of hot cider.

You’ll find this wonderful boxed set at most online retailers including:


Apple Books:



You’ll also find my book, Taming Christmas, in the boxed set. I had such a blast writing this story.  If you’ve read the Rodeo Romance series, you are in for a treat. Taming Christmas tells the story of how Huck and Mara Powell met and fell in love.

Here’s the scene where Huck gives Mara a less than stellar first impression:

He’d just approached the women when someone bumped him from behind. He tripped over his feet, nearly fell into the girls, and spilled all three beverages down the front of the redhead. She screeched and spun around, making a beeline for the restroom with the brunette following close behind her.

That left Huck facing the blonde who held a great deal of censure in her gorgeous blue eyes.

Before he could speak to her or offer an apology, though, Cort and Tate flanked him.

Tate removed his hat and politely tipped his head. “We’re so sorry, miss. Huck isn’t completely housebroken. His last girlfriend told him she’d rather bring home a feral cat than let him into her apartment again.”

“He’s been kicked in the head one too many times, miss. Don’t judge him too harshly,” Cort said with a pleading, boyish smile. “He doesn’t have the sense to know better, and he doesn’t possess the ambulatory skills of a drunken baboon.”

Huck’s hand curled into a fist as he considered how much attention it would draw if he tackled Cort and Tate and pummeled them into silence. Cort was several inches taller and many pounds heavier than he was, but as angry as he felt, Huck knew he could take him down.

Before he could start swinging, the blonde woman grinned. “He seems harmless enough, even if he’s about as smooth on his feet as a one-legged ostrich on ice.”


Be sure to get your copy of Christmas Wishes & Cowboy Kisses today!

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