Classic Snacks Cookbook

cookbook from scratch cover

Ever wondered how to make Goldfish Crackers or Twinkies at home?

Wonder no more!

There is a fun cookbook out by Casey Barber that gives you Classic Snacks Made from Scratch.

Inside the book you’ll find 70 recipes for home-made versions of your favorite treats.

cookbook creamsicle

Like Creamsicles.

cookbook poptarts

And strawberry Pop-Tarts.

cookbook hostess cupcakesAnd Hostess Chocolate cupcakes (oh, how I love these!).

cookbook goldfish crackersAnd Goldfish Crackers (which I also love, just not as much since they took up residence under the seat of my car.

The book offers some helpful tips regarding kitchen tools and ingredients.

Categories include Cookies (hello Mint Milanos!), Cakey Treats, Cheese Snacks (Doritos, anyone), Salty Snacks, Ice Cream Treats, Sweets and Candies (Peeps!), Fruit-Filled Treats, Fried and Frozen Snacks, and Dips and Spreads.

The book ends with a list of helpful resources as well as a technique guide that includes things like “how to fill a pastry bag” and “deep frying 101.”

This book is such fun with recipes that easy to follow (and even some diagrams).

Published through Ulysses Press, the book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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