Color Chips

I’ve blogged about this site before, but I had so much fun playing with the color recently, I thought I’d share about them again.

Sherwin-Williams has this cool online tool called Chip It! You can upload any image and then paint chips to match it.

For example, I uploaded a photo I posted of Raspberry Muffins.

raspberryLook at all the cool colors that come up with it.

Here’s a wheat photo…


Love the color options.

Take a look at the photo I posted on the blog yesterday.

spring 2

Gorgeous colors, aren’t they?

This would be a great tool if you have a piece of art and are trying to decide what color to paint a wall or if you see a photo you love and want to incorporate the colors from it in your home.

Or if you just like to play around with creative color options!

The service is free and so much fun!

And no, I’m not affiliated with Sherwin-Williams. I just think this is super cool.

She Who Loves Color

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