Columbia River Cowboy Gathering


Captain Cavedweller is convinced I’ve lost my ever-loving mind (and he might be right) but I’m off to a two-day book signing in Kennewick, WA at the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering.

I promise next week to share more of the details about Thimble and Thistles and any other news you’d like to know about the Petticoat Ball, Lacy, or anything that strikes your fancy. Just shoot me a message on facebook or email me at shanna (at) shannahatfield (dot) com if you have any questions you’d like answered and I’ll do a Q and A post next week (if I get enough questions)!

My heart is so full as I write this – thankful for the wonderful friends who helped me launch Thimbles and Thistles, spread the word about Aundy being free, and joined in the festivities of the Petticoat Ball.

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

For your kindness ~

For your encouragement~

For your making me feel very loved ~

Have a blessed, beautiful weekend, my dear friends!

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