Copper Autumn Floral Hoop DIY

If you are like me and spend any time on Pinterest, you see a number of gorgeous wreaths.

I’ve been intrigued with those made from wire or hoops and decided I wanted to do a craft project for autumn.

This turned out to be a super-simple project. If you have a glue gun and some florist wire, you can do this!



A hoop (I got a  child-sized sparkly unicorn hoop at the Dollar Store!)

Spray paint

Assorted florals

Florist wire

Wire cutters


Picture hanging hook


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: 

Install your hanger on the back of the hoop. I did this before I painted it because I didn’t want to chance messing up the paint later, and I also thought painting over the nail holes would help hold them in, too.


Step 2: 

Run a piece of wire through your hanger. This will make it easy to hang the hoop up while you paint it. I used a garden flowerpot hanger.

Step 3: 

Start spraying. I used a can of copper Rustoleum paint I had on hand.

Step 4: 

You’ll need to give it a few coats. I think I wrapped it up at three.

Step 5: 

Once the paint is dry, you can add the florals. I chose a variety of of sizes and textures.

Step 6: 

Because there really isn’t anything to glue the florals to on the bare hoop, I wired on the base branches.

Step 7: 

Then it was easy to starting gluing the flowers in place. Use as few or as many as tickles your fancy.

Then hang and enjoy!

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