Corn Dogs and Kettle Corn

Our County Fair is officially under way today.

For me, that means Captain Cavedweller will drag me to the fair after work, make me walk through every animal barn, look at every display and force me to eat a corn dog while he scarfs down some barbecue-type sandwich and a pile of curly fries. We won’t be able to leave until he was acquired a bag of kettle corn and an elephant ear. Ah, the joys of the fair.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It reminds me too much of some of the fun experiences I had when I was much younger and attending the fair. My dad often competed in the tractor pulling events while my brother and sister-in-law were known to get in one the horse racing action. Several of my cousins could be found showing sheep or steers and there would be a number of entries from family members in the produce and baked goods areas.

The fair was a great time to connect with family and friends alike. To slow down the hectic pace of summer and just relax and enjoy for an hour or two.

And indulge in deep fried food that I can feel clogging my arteries as I ate it.

Fair time is definitely a fun time full of great memories.

If you have the opportunity to attend a small-town county fair, take advantage of it.

And it a corn dog for me.

She Who Wants An Elephant Ear

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