Country Boy Vs. City Girl

The other day I mentioned in my post about randomness, that the order in which I wrote the Tenacity series was off. I wrote the first book, then the third before I tackled the second one.

It worked out quite splendidly despite the craziness.

The second book is the story of Josh and Jenna. Josh is the younger brother of Callan, one of the main characters from Heart of Clay. This book was fun to write and really helped bridge the gap between the story line of the first book and the third.

Josh, like his brother-in-law Clay, is a terrible tease and prankster.  He loves the country way of life which leads to a bit of drama when he falls in love with Jenna, a confirmed city girl.

I had several names I thought of giving this book but when I took the photo for the cover, I knew what the name had to be without any doubt. Country Boy Vs. City Girl really does sum up what the book is about. This book has more humor in it that Heart of Clay and the ended will probably surprise you, but who doesn’t love a surprise ending.

I think one of my favorite things about this story is the underlying theme that sometimes we have to let go of our plans to embrace those that are so much bigger and better for us in the long run.

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