Cover of Savvy Holiday Entertaining

In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, you can get a free copy of my Savvy Holiday Entertaining Guide from my books page, or by going to Smashwords. Check it out!

To create this cover, I actually made the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis (which was a real hardship to have to eat the fruit of my labors after the photo was taken!).

I knew from the start I wanted that recipe to be in the book and that the photo of it would look great on the cover. Partly because of the red, white and green colors, and partly because it is festive.

To stage the photo, I used a holiday tablecloth on my kitchen counter. I added a box off  to the left and draped the tablecloth over it, just to give it some height variation. I found a few fake pine branches and draped them over the box. I also draped a dark green tablecloth over the counter in the background so it would have a Christmas-y feel.

Once I had the photo, I started looking for a border design.

I loved this one as soon as I saw it.

It was easy enough to split the white area and enlarge the space to accommodate the photo.


Next came the text for the title. This is the font Coronet and the one I use in the header for my Savvy Entertaining blog. For consistency sake, I decided to stick with the same font for the book title.

For my other into on the book cover, I used plain old Times New Roman font. My name is in a fun font called Harrington that I thought gave it an extra punch of holiday cheer.

When you put all the elements together, you get this:

A cover that is definitely festive and fun. Download your copy and let me know what you think!

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