Cover Shots

A few weeks ago, I noticed the beautiful trees in the parking lot at work were in full blossom. The next day, I brought my camera along and hoped the weather would cooperate and it did.

I took about 75 shots of the blossoms. What I really wanted was blossoms with a background of sky.

In my head, it would make a really cool book cover even if I don’t know yet what book that will be.

When I’m out and about, I try to observe things that might make great book covers or cover elements. Yes, there are a ton of clip art and graphic sources available online, but I don’t want to use canned art that might show up in someone else’s book cover.

My goal is for my book covers to be as unique as the stories I am writing.

Even if you don’t design your own book covers, you can still think about what you want the art to allude to, what you want it to say.

Take a look around you today and see what interesting thoughts come to mind.

You might be surprised at the creativity it will stir into action.


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