Cowboy’s Spring Romance Update 3


I have officially finished the first draft of The Cowboy’s Spring Romance.

Final word count was 80,018.

I was pretty excited about that since I started writing this story the evening of Jan. 8. In 17 days I completed round one of the novel. I’m going to set it aside for a short time while I make final edits and design the cover for my suspense novel that will be debuting very soon!

The key to writing a novel quickly, at least from my limited experience is to just sit down and force yourself to write. Even if you feel like what you are writing at the moment will have to be deleted later on, keep going. You’ll eventually hit your stride again and can go back and edit passages that need some tweaking. Just keep going!

And please stay tuned… Trent and Lindsay’s story will be available before you know it!

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