Cowgirl’s Cookbook

One of my sisters-in-law is celebrating her birthday this week. I’ll refrain from telling you her age to preserve my own well-being. But I will say she is the same age as my second brother who is two years younger than my oldest brother who is twenty years younger than my dad who is 40 years older than me.

Got all that? Great!

Anyhoo… the point of all my rambling this morning is to share a link to a fun cookbook I purchased for Debbie’s birthday.

The Cowgirl’s Cookbook by Jill Charlotte Stanford is a great little cookbook especially if you are into cowboy or western lore. That would be the reason I purchased it for my sister-in-law in the first place. You can find the book at Amazon for $9.95.

In addition to some really fun recipes, Stanford has awsome quotes, tidbits of information and stories about cowgirls on each page. There are also a bunch of great photos included.

If you know someone who likes western memorabilia, collects cookbooks or is into the history of the women of the west, this would be an excellent gift.

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