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I’ve posted a couple of blogs about my decision to make my books available in print.

I decided to go through a company called CreateSpace, which is part of the Amazon family.

The process to upload the information was simple and straightforward with templates, easy to follow directions and a step-by-step process.

The cost, if you do everything yourself, was nothing. Absolutely free. I decided to upgrade to their “pro” account which gives me greater distribution access and a lower expense on books I purchase myself. The upgrade was $39.

When I compare that to the thousands of dollars a different format of printing was going to take, I can hardly believe it!

I decided to try out two books.

The first is The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan because it is new and fitting for the holiday season.

The second is The Women of Tenacity. This book contains not only the short story in the series, but also the three full-length novels.

Uploading the info, I ordered one proof copy of each. This cost me about $15 for both with shipping.

The day the box arrived with my proof copies, I was pretty excited, to say the least!


Opening the box and digging out the books, I was happily surprised to find that the books were beautiful, glossy, and professionally printed. The quality is absolutely amazing.


Even the back  covers looked fabulous!

I am really impressed with the quality and professionalism CreateSpace offers. Another reason I selected them was because I don’t have to carry any inventory. The books are print-on-demand meaning when someone orders a book, it gets printed and shipped. That way there aren’t boxes of my books piled in my garage causing me undue amounts of stress and sleepless nights pondering how I will sell them and recoup my investment.

My investment, to date, has been $39 for each book, plus the $15 for proof copies. Shouldn’t take too long to recoup that investment, should it?

If you, or anyone you know, would like to order the books in print, they are available at

The Women of Tenacity is $15.99

The Cowboy’s Christmas Plan is $9.99

Both are currently eligible for free shipping!


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