Creating Physical Traits

Sitting down ready to write a new story, one of the first things I do is create a visual, at least in my head, of what the two main characters are going to look like.

Is he tall and lean? Is she petite and curvaceous? Are his shoulders broad? Is her waist narrow?

All these details are important because readers will want to know.

Once I get a general body frame and height in mind, then I want to fill in the physical details. What color are their eyes, their hair, their skin tone?

There are a couple of charts I like to refer to when I’m figuring out these details.

Eye Color Chart

Even though this is a contact lens color chart, it has a great selection of eye color choices. Are his eyes a vibrant blue? Are hers a sparkling green? Maybe a molten brown?

Once I get that figured out, I move on to the hair color.

Hair Color Chart 

I really like this chart because it gives you every hair color option you could possibly think of and also some ideas for hair texture (wavy, curly, straight, etc.)

This is a part of the creative process that I find to be a lot of fun and one I enjoy probably way more than I should.

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