Crumpets and Cowpies

Crumpets Cover

Crumpets and Cowpies, the first book in the new Baker City Brides series, comes out next week on January 15!

The super exciting news I’m sharing today is that it is available on pre-order on Kindle.

Detestable! Arrogant! Insufferable!

He’d been called worse…

Rancher Thane Jordan reluctantly travels to England to settle his brother’s estate only to find he’s inherited much more than he could possibly have imagined.

Lady Jemma Bryan has no desire to spend a single minute in Thane Jordan’s insufferable presence much less live under the same roof with the handsome, arrogant American. Forced to choose between poverty or marriage to the man, she finds herself traveling across an ocean and America to reach his ranch in Oregon.

And here’s a little teaser:

Out of patience, he leaned forward and braced his elbows on his knees. “Your point, Weston. Get to the point.”

“Righty ho, my good man. The only reasonable recourse is for Miss Bryan to accompany you to America. You’ll have someone to help you with the children, someone who already loves them, and she’ll have the security, protection, and provision of a home you can provide.”

Jemma sucked in a gasp of air and sat with her mouth slightly open, gaping at Weston as though he’d committed blasphemy. She started to speak, only to have Thane interrupt her.

“Are you insane, Weston?” Thane jumped to his feet, towering over both Jemma and the solicitor. “I’ve got no use for a woman in my life, especially one who detests me as much as Miss Bryan.”

“I never stated my feelings for you, even if your assumption is profoundly accurate.” Jemma glared at Mr. Jordan, wishing he’d sit down. It was hard to collect her thoughts when he stood over her, looking so formidable and indisputably handsome. “Weston, your suggestion is utterly ridiculous and completely inappropriate. You know as well as I do it would be untoward for me to travel with Mr. Jordan, regardless of the children’s presence. It simply isn’t done. My reputation would be in tatters. Where would that leave me or the children?”

Weston smiled at them both, unbothered by their hostile looks or heated words.

“I quite agree, Miss Bryan. It is unacceptable for you to travel as a single woman with Mr. Jordan, which is why you two should wed immediately.”


I’ll post more info about the book and a few more teasers leading up to the release. Stay tuned!

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