Cut the Clutter

I’ve discovered something about my writing that disturbs me.

I use words I really don’t need to, more often than I should.

In making the final edits to the QR Code Killer, I realized I overuse the following words:




We already knew I use the word “bit” a bit too much. But these other three came as quite a surprise.

I tend to insert the word had in about every third descriptive sentence.

She had taken the last piece of cake …

Boring! And unnecessary. Wouldn’t it be much more exciting if:

She greedily snatched the last piece of cake…

or even:

She quietly snuck away with the last piece of cake…

You see what I mean.

Then there is the “up” problem.

He stood up and glared at her…

Up isn’t needed. If he stood, we already know he is up.

Let’s not forget “just.” It’s a toss up if this one or had is the word that trips me up the most!

I just want to help…. He just waited a minute… She just thought about finding him…

This whole writing with clarity, writing concisely, thing is  quite a bit of a challenge for someone who had just wanted to stand up as a better writer!

See what I mean!


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