Cute Shoes #15

Years ago I did some serious damage to my foot that resulted in some really painful spells of arthritis.

Due to that fact, I got rid of all my cute shoes and soon found my closet full of things like this:

Blah, bleck, boring – but they were comfortable.

Then one day, I woke up and realized I was tired of blah, bleck, boring shoes and went skipping down an entirely new path.

I’m so glad I did!

And, according to Captain Cavedweller, I’ve become a cute-shoe addict.

I can’t help it. Like chocolate, I spent too many years without any!

So the other day, I was quickly flipping through a website and these screamed out to me.

I couldn’t ignore their pleading for me to own them, so I thought about it for approximately 16.5 seconds before I bought them. They are so cute, so fun and I absolutely love them. I got them from

Even CC agreed they were pretty cute shoes – for an up and coming shoe addict.

She Who Loves Cute Shoes!

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