Cute Shoes #17

In an effort to hurry along warmer weather, I’m doing my part by buying sandals.

Not just any sandals…

Cute sandals.

It started when I bought a super cute new bright blue floral pencil skirt. I loved the skirt but, sadly, had no shoes that matched it. I was forced to go shopping.

Really, I was. It was completely necessary. (At least that is the story I gave Captain Cavedweller!)

My quest for blue shoes ended when I saw this pair of wedges at Shoe Carnival by Cabrizi. They’re called Rubee. Love, love, love them. Comfy and cute! What more could you ask for in a shoe! And if you’re an Elvis fan, they are blue suede..

blue sandal

While I was at the Shoe Carnival I also found this cute sandal

Jasmin¬† Madison. Love the casual look. These will be great for running errands or days when I don’t want a high wedge.

I also may have given in to the urge to own a pair of red wedge sandals and ordered these.

red sandals

Aersoles Plush Above has this plush, super-comfy footbed. I love the cork blended with the red leather.

Yes, I like shoes.

A lot.

And if Captain Cavedweller asks, these were all absolutely essential to have.


She Who Needs More Room for Shoes in Her Cloest

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