Day 4 Valentine Giveaway


Yesterday’s contest was all about chocolate.

If you read all the responses, you’ll be drooling for a piece like I was!

The winner of my chocolate giveaway is… Kathy C! Congrats Kathy! Chocolate Raspberry anything is so, so good.

If you can email me at, I’ll get you the prize details!

Today’s giveaway is a digital copy of Fifty Dates with Captain Cavedweller.

CC and I spent 2013 going on 50 dates and I documented each one. It was an effort to add some zing to our marriage – but we got so much more than that out of the experience. And we laughed  – a lot.

Which reminds me, a group I belong to, called Happify (I’ll be sharing more about them soon), did this really cool infograph about couples.It’s titled “The Science Behind A Happy Relationship.” The details are all about the secrets of happy couples.

I made CC read through it with me and we both were amazed by the studies. Since it is in graphic form, it just takes a minute to look through it all.  It really is a lot of fun and you might be surprised by some of the information shared.

Go to to check it out.

Now back to today’s contest – just respond to the question in the comment section below to be entered to win!

“What is your favorite Valentine memory from school days?”

(Was it making cookies? Filling out all those little cards for your classmates? A special gift from a secret admirer? What made your youthful heart pitter-pat?)

One of my favorite memories is from my grade-school days. The teacher held a contest to see who could make the best and prettiest envelopes to hold our Valentines. My mom helped me cut out pictures and let me use her special paints. I’m sure there was lots of glue and glitter involved. Anyway, I won one of the prizes and was so, so excited about it.

Let’s hear those favorite memories…


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